• Main uses of corn

    Publication time:2018-04-28

    corn starch: corn plays an important role in starch production. Most of the starch in the world is made from corn and corn. In order to meet the requirements of the quantity and quality of corn starch, the processing technology of corn starch has made remarkable progress. Corn starch processing has

  • The nutritional value of corn

    Publication time:2018-04-25

    The nutritive composition of maize is more comprehensive, including protein 8.5%, fat 4.3%, sugar 73.2%, calcium 0.022%, phosphorus.21%, iron 0.0016%, and carotene, vitamin B1, B2 and niacin, and cereal sterol, lecithin, vitamin E, lysine, etc. Studies indicate that corn contains a cancer factor - g

  • The benefits of eating coarse grain

    Publication time:2018-03-15

    The partial alkalinity of 1: food can neutralize the acid environment of human body, enhance the physical energy, and can play a good cosmetic effect by retaining the action of water. There are many dietary fiber in 2: Cereals, which are soluble and also can not be absorbed by human body. Therefore